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통역 경력 15년 이상(고려대 영어학 석사 미국유학)

Summary of qualification
 Expert and diverse career of English interpretation/translation based on
global/local top notch corporate’s career including B2B and B2C around 15 years
 Diverse consecutive interpret for training/presentation, media interview, marketing status and issue review meeting, key executives/VIP & stakeholder escorting and biz meeting with Korean companies, an array of fair, exhibition and event booth/consecutive/escorting and biz matching event interpretation
 Capable of high level communication in English and multi-cultural background

Educational Background
2000~2004 : Attended Business Administration Certificate course and English course in Georgetown University, in the USA
February 1990 : Graduated from Korea University Graduate School with M.A. degree in English Literature
February 1987 : Graduated from Ewha Womans University with B.A.
Degree in English Language and Literature
Career Summary
June 2013 – Now : Worked interpretation/translation including when global stakeholders/VIP/Executives visit to Korea consecutive/escorting/business meeting interpret/notetaking, global media roundtable/interview/conference consecutive interpret, an array of fair/exehibition/ forum booth, escorting, business matching event interpret, teleconference meeting interpret for biz and market situation review
May 2011 – May 2013 : IBM Korea
Working as a SME(subject matter expert including interpreter) for AmorePacific and MeadJohnson in Asia
February 2007– December 2010
Worked as a global team interpretation/communication Specialist for Hill and Knowlton, GollinHarison
April 2005 – January 2007 : Dongwon F&B Senior communication manager
May 2000 – Dec 2004 : Studied at Georgetown university in the USA
February 1998 – October 2000:
Worked for Coty Group Korea as a communication manager
Nov. 1994 – Dec. 1998:
Worked for Noblesse Advertising & PR company as a senioㄱ communication manager
August 1990 – October 1994 : Worked for Halla Business Group in PR Division

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  •  프리랜서
  •  8월 1990 - 11월 2019

Consecutive interpret for key stakeholders, VIP, media for seminar, conference, interview, escorting, notetaking and business meeting with Korean companies, booth/escorting/business matching event interpretation for diverse exhibition, fair and events, Conference call interpret for biz and market review 2019 European Union EU Gateway to Korea Green Energy Technology biz meeting interpret(Jan.22&23), Indian Embassy raw sugar export commercial attach meeting with major 3 Korean companies(TS, CJ, Samyang) interpret¬e taking/meeting minute proposal(Feb.18th), India Prime Minister Modi state visit to Korea, Indian government security team(SPG) head & security agents escorting and consecutive interpret (Feb.20~22), Booth interpret between Irish Clonakilty Distillery(whiskey & Jin manufacturer) business meeting with Korean company interpret(Feb. 25th), 2019 SPOEX Indonesian fitness exercise equipment import&distributor business meeting interpret(2.28,3.1), Conference call interpret between German release film manufacturer HQ, Asia VP and Korea agent for market review and 2019 biz forcasts(3.6), German release film manufacturer Asia VP visit to Korea escort and consecutive interpret for the meeting with Korean customers(3.7~8), 2019 Eu Gateway to Korea Medical and HealthcareTechnology Poland Consultronix biz meeting interpret(Mar.12&13), 2019 KIMES Chez Republic buyer biz meeting interpret(Mar.14), 2019 FW Fashion KODE Philippine buyer biz meeting interpret(Mar.15), 2019 Spring Grand Seoul Sourcing Fair Myanmar buyer biz meeti ng interpret(Mar.21&22), 2019 Smart Factory & Automation Taiwan CNC, connector, components global manufacturer booth interpret(3.28~29), 2019 SAUDI KOREA Business Partnership meeting interpret(4.3), 2019 Global Project Plaza Philippine METROPOLITAN WATERWORKS SEWERAGE SYSTEM biz meeting Interpret(4.10), 2019 COPHEX Singapore Oral Care products manufacturer, bottle/pouch filler facility sourcing meeting with Korean company interpret(4.17), 2019 Seafood Show American Indian Food Association booth meeting with Korean companies interpret(4.22~24), 2019 World IT Show Indonesia RFID system develop and manufacturer meeting interpret(4.25), US seafood supplier Sugpiaq concall interpret with Korean 3 companies(5.2&3), 2019 Fashion Audition France buyer business meeting interpret(5.8&9), Cosomo Buauty Seoul 2019 Singapore buyer business meeting interpret(5.10), 2019 SIDEX Zirconia manufacturer&supplier booth interpet(5.11&12), KOTRA India& Sri Lanka online meeting interpret(5.13), 2019 New Southern Asia Young Infant business matching event Laos buyer meeting interpret(5.14), 2019 Kintex Hotel & Foods USA Zone Sugardale Brand company Booth interpret(5.21~24), EU Gateway to Korea Spain Solid Wood Furniture supplier Xo-inmyroom business meeting interpret(5.28&29), 2019 Korea Service Marketing German DR. ROBERT ECKERT SCHULEN AG meeting interpret(5.30&31), 2019 Consumer goods Show Korea Jordanian Duty Free Shop company interpret(6.3&4), 2019 Seoul Internation Travel/Medical Tour Fair global buyer Korean seller meeting interpret(6.7&8), 2019 Ireland Embassy hosted Irish diary companies meeting interpret(6.13), 2019 Suwon Convention Center SSTT Indian buyer meeting interpret(614), Portugal Wine company meeting interpret(6.18), 2019 Defense Industry Fair Thailand Chaiseri-Defense Business meeting Interpret(6.19), 2019 New South Asia policy big buyer business meeting interpret(6.24), German Nuclear D&D company Krantz Gmbh escort and consecutive interpret(6.25), 2019 Smart Tech Indonesia Telecom company Telesik business meeting interpret(6.27), 2019 Import Goods Fair business meeting interpret(6.28), South Africa Tourism Office Sun international, hotel chain and tourism service company business meeting interpret(7.1), 2019 HMR Cooking & Food Fair Singapore Zingrill Holdings business meeting interpret(7.3~5), Katar potential investor visit to Hankook Pulverizing Machinery company plant and its machinery operation consecutive interpret(7.10), German Medical Equipment & Phramaceutical company XXX XXX Korea internal staff interview with German HQ GI Team consecutive interpret(7.12), Kala Health Inc., USA nutritional supplement supplier, video conference with one of potencial Korean company consecutive interpret(7.25), Green Technology SMEs business meeting interpret(7.26), 2019 Halal and Organic Business Expo Malaysia (Fedes Trade), Singapore (Century Global) global buyer meeting interpret(8.1,2), CSIN Tech(railway vehicle equipment manufacturer & supplier) Taiwan TRA 569 cars switchboard supply Taiwan technicians Audit escort and consecutive meeting interpret(Aug. 20), 2019 Global Buyer Sourcing Fair business meeting interpret(Aug. 21&22), 2019 SMEs Business Matching Show Indian buyer business meeting interpret(Aug.27), 2019 Global Sourcing Buyer invitation Korean Textile Export companies business meeting interpret(Aug.28&29), 2019 KOFURN Thailand buyer business meeting interpret(8.30), 2019 Korea Energy Show ITALY recycling electric energy generator from waste heat TERBODEN ORC(Organic Rankine Cycle) power generator facility supplier business meeting and seminar Q&A interpret(Sep. 3~6), Bean&Jerry Ice Cream CS, brand, marketing training consecutive interpret(Sep. 9&10), USA nutritional supplement products provider, Kala Health domestic importer video meeting(agenda: exclusive distributorship contract) consecutive interpret(Sep. 11), 2019 Global Green Hub Korea Malaysia water and water waste treatment facility specialized design/manufacture/construction company business meeting interpret(Sep. 18), SXXXXXXXX, Hometheater and home AV system & speaker manufacturer, sales global head meeting with Korean office sales & marketing team meeting consecutive interpret(Sep. 19), 2019 SeungNam Medical Tourism and Equipment Covention Myanma Buyer business meeting interpret(9.21), EU Gateway to Korea 2019 Environment & Water Technologies France Subsea Tech, Marine and Unerwater Inspection & Monitoring technology, business meeting interpret(9.24&25), Incheon Namdong-gu global buyer Invitation business meeting interpret(9.26), Gangwon Bio Expo UAE global Buyer interpret(9.27), USA West region delegates of agriculture and food company business meeting interpret(10.1), Kala Health Korean distributorship contract condition consecutive interpret(10.2) 2019 Global Franchise Business Plaza business meeting interpret(10.4&5), 2019 Korea-South America Business Summit interpret(10.8), 2019 K Beauty global sourcing buyer interpret(10.10&11), 2019 KODAS Egyptian delegates interpret(10.14), 2019 KOAA Egyptian buyer interpret(10.16&17), 2019 Wonju GTI Philippine buyer interpret(10.18), 2019 Korea Luxury Travel Market interpret(10.21), German Infiana film manufacturer Asia VP visit and market review meeting consecutive interpret(10.22), 2019 Osong Cosmeti Fair global buyer meeting interpret(10.23~26), The South China Morning Post 2020 South Korea Report Special Edition team Ari Press, Korean hydraulic press machine manufacturer, interview consecutive interpret(10.29), 2019 Connect Innovation Korea Indian buyer meeting interpret(10.30), 2019 G fair global buyer meeting interpret(10.31&11.1), 2019 Invement Korea Week Singapore funding company consultant meeting interpret(1 1.5), KOTRA Invite global buyer meeting interpret(11.6), 2019 Global Public Procurement Show Thailand buyer meeting interpret(11.7,8)


고려대학교 영어석사졸업

  •  영어석사학위 취득졸업
  •  8월 1987 - 2월 1990

Educational Background 2000~2004 : Attended Business Administration Certificate course and English course in Georgetown University, in the USA February 1990 : Graduated from Korea University Graduate School with M.A. degree in English Literature February 1987 : Graduated from Ewha Womans University with B.A. Degree in English Language and Literature

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